IR policy

BinckBank has the following policy regarding Investor Relations. The contacts between the executive board and investor relations on the one hand and investors and analysts on the other are carefully handled and structured, and the company will not engage in any acts that compromise the independence of analysts in relation to the company and vice versa.

BinckBank communicates with all of its investors and analysts through organising or attending meetings such as the Annual General Shareholder Meeting, roadshows, broker conferences, and conference calls. Furthermore BinckBank publishes an annual report, quarterly reports, and other press releases. Briefings are given to update the market after each quarterly announcement via group meetings or teleconference and are accessible by telephone or via the corporate website ( Meetings with investors are being held to ensure that the investment community receives a balanced and complete view of the company's performance and the issues faced by the business, while always observing applicable rules concerning selective disclosure, equal treatment of shareholders and insider trading.

In principle we do not hold meetings with investors, analysts, or press during our silent periods, which is 21 days prior to the publication of the results of that quarter and one month preceding the publication of our annual results.

Responsibility for investor relations lies with the CFRO of BinckBank, Mr Evert Kooistra.

Analysts' reports and valuations are not assessed, commented upon or corrected, other than factually, by the company. BinckBank does not pay any fee(s) to parties for carrying out research for analysts' reports or for the production or publication of analysts' reports. Contacts with the capital markets are dealt with by the members of the executive board and BinckBank's Investor Relations department.

Investor Relations is the first point of contact for analysts, shareholders and interested investors. Investor relations inquiries can be directed to:

Harmen van der Schoor 

Manager Investor Relations (acting)
+31 (0)20 522 0372
+31 (0)6 201 98 337


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