Remuneration committee

Remuneration Committee

The remuneration committee, as referred to in the Regulation on Sound Remuneration Policies under the Wft 2014, is responsible for preparing the supervisory board’s resolutions regarding remuneration, including those affecting the risks and the risk management of BinckBank. The remuneration committee also prepares the decision-making proces of the supervisory board with regard to the selection and appointment of members of the board and supervisory directors. For the supervisory board, the remuneration committee’s members are currently Mrs Kemna (chairwoman), Mr Van der Steen and Mrs Pijnenborg. The chairman of the executive board and the manager of Human Resources also sit on the remuneration committee.

When ruling on these resolutions, the remuneration committee considers the long-term interests of the shareholders, investors and all other stakeholders of BinckBank. The chairman of the executive board provides the remuneration committee with information. The committee is also informed and advised by the control committee, which includes the manager of Risk Management, the manager of Human Resources, the head of Governance, Risk & Compliance and a legal expert. The remuneration committee is independent and has sufficient expertise with reference to the remuneration policy, the remuneration culture and the circumstances and motivations whereby undesirable incentives to make decisions that conflict with the conservative management of risk, capital and liquidity could arise.