Corporate governance code

The Dutch Corporate Governance Code

The Dutch Corporate Governance Code (hereinafter, ‘the Code’) is an important code for good business conduct for Dutch listed companies. The Code is self-regulatory in nature, and is based on the principle known as ‘apply or explain’. The duty of the Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee (‘the Committee’) is to encourage the topicality and usefulness of the Code, as well as to monitor compliance with the Code by Dutch listed companies. In 2014 the Committee focused on identifying gaps and ambiguities in the Code, and in particular on international developments in this context. The Committee also made an inventory of compliance with the Code by Dutch listed companies. BinckBank is compliant with all but a few points of the Corporate Governance Code.

Following on from the monitoring report published in January 2015, the backing parties (VNO-NCW, VEUO, Eumedion, VEB, FNV, CNV and Euronext) requested the Corporate Governance Code monitoring committee to publish proposals for the updating of the Code. In February 2016, the committee released a consultation document with concrete proposals for revision. Revision of the Code will address both current and foreseeable new regulations, as well as legal precedent and development at the international level in the field of corporate governance. Like the current Code, the updated Code must be principle-based and offer a reliable framework for corporate governance for the coming years.


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