BinckBank is a listed public limited company under Dutch law. The executive board is responsible for managing the company. The supervisory board is charged with the supervision of the policy of the executive board and the general developments at the company and its affiliated entities. The supervisory board advises the executive board in the exercise of its duties. The executive board and the supervisory board are directly accountable to the company’s General Meeting. BinckBank’s executive board and the supervisory board are jointly responsible for the bank’s corporate governance structure.

Good corporate governance is a precondition for the efficient and effective realisation of set goals, ensures adequate control of risks, and ensures informed judgments can be made regarding the interests of all of BinckBank’s stakeholders, such as shareholders, employees, and customers. Within this framework, BinckBank applies the principles of the 'Code Banken' (Future-Oriented Banking) and the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. The attachments in this section are all in Dutch because this is our statuary language.


BinckBank is a bank for online investors.

We offer our clients fast, low-cost access to the leading financial markets around the world, accurate administrative processing of securities and cash transactions and extensive market information.

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Press releases

BinckBank acquires FinTech firm Pritle
March 17th 2017
BinckBank completes 2016 with a strong operational last quarter. One-off expenditures put pressure on bottom line result
February 6th 2017
BinckBank reaches agreement on complaints Alex Vermogensbeheer
January 20th 2017
BinckBank introduces Binck Laten Beleggen in Belgium
December 22nd 2016
BinckBank N.V. :trading update third quarter 2016
October 24th 2016


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