Vision & mission

Our vision

We see that consumers – and not only investors – are becoming increasingly aware, more independent and more active with regard to their personal finance and assets. We believe that is a good and even a necessary development. BinckBank believes in consumers’ financial independence. We believe that everyone must have control of his or her financial destiny. We promote and endorse that independence in everything we do.

Our mission
We are there to serve all consumers who believe they should manage their funds and capital consciously, actively and independently, helping to create a broad and differentiated market with a broad range of financial profiles and motives. We offer our customers a better customer experience than competing providers.

At BinckBank we support and encourage consumers to become conscious, active and independent with regard to their assets, with technology-driven and yet highly personalised solutions – innovative solutions in which ease of use, simplicity, insight and collaboration are central.

BinckBank activates, facilitates and teaches everyone to accumulate capital. In everything we do (from products and service through to communication) we offer convenience, simplicity, clarity and accessibility, including, but not exclusively, in terms of price. In that way every customer has optimum control of and insight into his or her capital growth and returns.


BinckBank is a bank for online investors.

We offer our clients fast, low-cost access to the leading financial markets around the world, accurate administrative processing of securities and cash transactions and extensive market information.

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Press releases

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