Vision & mission

Our mission

BinckBank supports and assists consumers who are actively engaged with their financial future with the innovative products and services that give them convenience, simplicity, clarity, understanding, and accessibility at acceptable prices. BinckBank activates, facilitates, and teaches customers how to independently build up and maintain their own asset base.

Our vision and ambition
BinckBank believes in customers’ financial self-reliance. People should be able to control their own financial affairs. We believe each and every customer should have optimum control of and insight into the development, risk, and return of his or her capital. We aspire to serve a broader and growing group of private individuals within our European footprint, namely those customer groups that are looking for the best alternative to preserve or continue to accumulate assets for their financial future in a reliable, transparent, simple, and cost-effective manner, either independently or with our assistance.

This ambition is focused on long-term value creation and is reflected in the ReThink Binck strategy launched in 2015. In order to carry out this strategy, BinckBank provides a diverse range of financial products and services within a customer environment that is as digitally driven as possible. In the total range of products and services, BinckBank will assume the role of navigator and assist customers in making the choices that fit them best.