Strategy of BinckBank

BinckBank pursues a dual strategy. On the one hand, this strategy is directed to furthering our current core activities like brokerage services (trading) and operational excellence in the trading and investment platform. On the other hand, it is designed to, with the help of our partners, create new value propositions for customers in Investing, Trading, and Saving. This strategy will, in part, enable us to expand our services into automated asset management and allow us to fulfil the navigator role in a way that makes us the valued partner helping our customers to grow their assets. At the core of this strategy is the customer experience and customer satisfaction that BinckBank’s services deliver.


The 'New Binck' growth strategy

BinckBank believes customers will encounter difficulty in choosing new entrants and new financial products. It expects consumers will search for a reliable partner to assist them in making the right choices and enabling them to achieve capital growth. Fintech start-ups usually have state-of-the-art technology, but often have inadequate capital to distribute their new financial products (marketing, sales and service) sufficiently to develop a large customer base. That makes it attractive for fintech players to work with BinckBank.


With its background in online services focused on investment, BinckBank has got to know financial consumers increasingly well. We can use this knowledge to good effect in developing attractive new products and services. Innovative services developed fully or partly by third parties can be distributed to our customers through BinckBank’s central trading and investment platform. The new growth strategy is aimed at helping private customers fulfil their financial ambitions and objectives for capital accumulation. In the role of a navigator BinckBank will help its customers to make the right choices and creates a unique customer experience. In addition to the healthy capital position, our customer base, service and customer focus, coupled with a presence in four countries, give BinckBank a good basis for future growth.