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BinckBank N.V. BinckBank is an online bank for investors and savers. It is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and has been included in the Amsterdam Smallcap Index (AScX) since 2016. BinckBank provides services for private customers, companies/legal entities, and independent asset managers. BinckBank offers Trading, Investing, and Saving services, using a European IT base platform. BinckBank has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain, and offers its services under the brands Binck and Alex.
BinckBank enjoys a leading brokerage position the Netherlands and Belgium and is ranked third in France. An important feature of the online brokerage service is a stable platform that gives users access to important financial markets, professional trading facilities, and analysis tools. The online platform Binck Fundcoach makes it easy for people to invest in investment funds and ETFs by providing news, opinions, columns, and detailed fund information.

Binck Forward, Binck Comfort and Binck Select are online discretionary management products that customers can use to authorise BinckBank to invest their money.

BinckBank is listed on Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange and has been included in the Amsterdam Smallcap Index (AScX). BinckBank’s market capitalisation at the end of 2017 was € 299 million. BinckBank operates in four European markets and also has an investor centre in Spain targeted at Dutch nationals resident in that country.