Executive board

Executive board

Vincent pasfoto
Vincent Germyns
1973 - Belgian nationality

Vincent was appointed as a director under the articles of association at the General Meeting of 22 April 2014. The supervisory board officially appointed him chairman of the executive board of BinckBank on 11 June 2015. In his role as chairman Vincent focuses primarily on the execution of strategy and revenue growth. Vincent has led BinckBank’s international expansion during his career with the bank. He was responsible for the start-up of the foreign branch in Belgium and for overall control of all foreign branches. Vincent studied at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels and the Catholic University of Leuven. Earlier in his career he was employed at KBC Asset Management in Belgium.

Number of BinckBank shares held at year-end 2016: 57,530

Evert-Jan pasfoto
Board member, Chief Financial & Risk officer
Evert-Jan M. Kooistra
1968 - Dutch nationality

Evert-Jan has been an executive director and chief financial & risk officer (CFRO) of BinckBank since 2008. He was reappointed as a director of BinckBank under the articles of association at the General Meeting of 25 April 2016. He is responsible for Finance & Control, Operations, Legal, Risk Management and Treasury & ALM. Evert-Jan studied business economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and is a certified public accountant. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the financial field, including periods of employment at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Shell. Most recently he served as financial director of the US company International Game Technology.

Number of BinckBank shares held at year-end 2016: 88,827

Steven pasfoto
Board member, Chief Operating Officer
Steven Clausing
1971 - Dutch nationality

Steven was appointed as a director of BinckBank (Chief Operating Officer) under the articles of association at the Extraordinary General Meeting of 30 October 2015. He is a Technical Business Engineer (Eindhoven University of Technology) and also has a Masters in Finance (TIAS business school, Tilburg) and an Executive Master in Internal Auditing (Erasmus University, Rotterdam). Steven began his training and career in the Royal Netherlands Navy, where as an officer he was involved particularly in the improvement of operational management. From 1998 he worked at ABN AMRO Bank, serving in both commercial and internally focused posts. In 2008 he moved to RBS, where in 2011 he moved from being Head of Internal Audit of the ‘International Payments’ business unit to Risk Management. In March 2013 he joined BinckBank as head of risk management. In that position he played a prominent role in various subcommittees of the executive and supervisory boards. In his post as COO Steven will primarily be responsible for product development and IT.

Number of BinckBank shares held at year-end 2016: 9,076


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