Important information Public Offer of Saxo Bank

  • Delisting of BinckBank will be effective on 26 September 2019.
  • Extraordinary General Meeting on 25 September 2019.
  • Final results of the offer for BinckBank: Saxo Bank will hold 97.96% of issued and outstanding shares.
  • Remaining Shares can be tendered during the Post-Closing Acceptance Period, commencing on Thursday 1 August 2019 and ending on Wednesday 14 August 2019 at 17:40 (CET).
  • The Offer has been settled on August 7 2019.
  • Saxo Bank declares Offer for BinckBank unconditional on July 31st 2019. 94.36% of the Shares are tendered under the Offer. Including 518,503 Shares already held by Saxo Bank, this represents a total of 95.14% of the Shares.
  • All regulatory approvals obtained – no conditions outstanding.
  • Recommended all-cash offer of €6.35 per share – representing €424 million, a premium of 35% over the closing price of the last trading day before announcement (14 December 2018).
  • Delivering immediate, certain and significant value to BinckBank shareholders.
  • Unanimous support and recommendation by BinckBank’s executive and supervisory board.

Company profile

BinckBank is an online bank for investors offering digital state-of-the art- Investing and Trading solutions in order to help customers realize their financial future and ambitions.

BinckBank is part of the Saxo Bank Group since August 2019. Copenhagen-based, Saxo Bank is a leading Fintech specialist focused on multi-asset trading and investment and delivering ‘Banking-as-a-Service’ to wholesale clients. Both companies originate from the first generation of internet start-ups and have grown to leading companies in Trading and Investing with a clear mission of democratising investment and trading for everyone.

BinckBank has a leading position in the Netherlands and Belgium and a third position in France while developing new business in Spain with dedicated services for the English speaking community. Next to the B2C segment BinckBank also provides B2B2C services for independent wealth managers.

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On April 23 at 1:00 PM BinckBank broadcasts its annual shareholders meeting via a live stream (in Dutch). Click here to participate

Corporate Governance

BinckBank endorses the widely supported basic principles referred to the code, the banking code and the principles for a controlled remuneration policy.

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